Two softwares have been developped in our laboratory. For more details of functions and technical features, refer to their specific web sites.

The MUST package has been first published in 1993  (Nucleic Acids Res. 1993 Nov 11;21(22):5264-72)  in a DOS environment for easely manage alignment sequence files. Since many functions have been added and the siftware is now available for UNIX-like operating systems, included Mac OSX. Click on the picture below to enter in the MUST web site.

Most recently, SCaFoS has been developped for the selection, the concatenation and fusion of sequences  (BMC Evol Biol. 2007 Feb 8;7 Suppl 1:S2).  This is the ideal companion of MUST, but it could also be used independantly. Click on the picture below to enter in the SCaFoS web site.

These software are free of charge for the academic community.
For a commercial usage, please contact us.

Hervé PHILIPPE's Lab