Management  Utilities for  Sequences and  Trees


The MUST package is a phylogenetically oriented set of programs for data management and display, allowing one to handle both raw data (sequences) and results (trees, number of steps, bootstrap proportions). It is complementary to the main available software for phylogenetic analysis (PHYLIP, PAUP, HENNING86, CLUSTAL) with which it is fully compatible.
The first part of MUST consists of the acquisition of new sequences, their storage, modification, and checking of sequence integrity in files of aligned sequences. In order to improve alignment, an editor function for aligned sequences offers numerous options, such as selection of subsets of sequences, display of consensus sequences, and search for similarities over small sequence fragments. For phylogenetic reconstruction, the choice of species and portions of sequences to be analyzed is easy and very rapid, permitting fast testing of numerous combinations of sequences and taxa. The resulting files can be formatted for most programs of tree construction. An interactive tree-display program recovers the output of all these programs. Finally, various modules allow an in-depth analysis of results, such as comparison of distance matrices, variation of bootstrap proportions with respect to various parameters or comparison of the number of steps per position.
All presently available complete sequences of 28S rRNA are furnished aligned in the package. MUST therefore allows the management of all the operations required for phylogenetic reconstructions.


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PHILIPPE H. MUST, a computer package of Management Utilities for Sequences and TreesNucleic Acids Research 1993, 21(22):5264-72

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