OGMP - Team and Megasequencing Unit

Team and Advisory Board

The original Team who submitted the initial OGMP grant proposal in 1991 consisted of seven scientists (photo).

Advisory Board members are:

The mission of the Advisory Board is to assist the Team in resolving scientific, strategic and policy questions related to the efficient operation of the OGMP; to aid in data analysis and publication; and to initiate and participate in spin-off projects emerging from OGMP data. Team members decide on the sequencing projects to be undertaken and their relative priorities. They provide the starting material (purified organellar DNAs) and perform an in-depth analyis of the sequence data, according to the specific expertise of individual Team members.

The Sequencing Unit

The Sequencing Unit consists of two divisions:

  1. The Molecular Biology Division, which generates the primary sequence data and develops new sequencing technologies;
  2. The Informatics Division, where informatics tools for genomic sequence analysis, sequencing project management, and biological databases are developed and implemented.

The Unit is managed by G. Burger, who also coordinates the OGMP collaboration.

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