OGMP - Molecular Biology Division

The Molecular Biology Division (MBD) is the primary generator of sequence data for the OGMP. MBD members construct random clone libraries from purified organellar DNA (the latter provided by OGMP Team members); prepare DNA templates (single-stranded or plasmid DNA); perform dideoxy sequencing reactions for "automatic" sequencing, using Li-Cor sequencers, or manual sequencing (mostly for clone finger printing); assemble sequences, assessing problems with data interpretation (e.g., band compressions in sequencing gels), and perform sequence proof-reading. Data management, entry and analysis are assisted by numerous informatics tools that have been specifically developed by the Unit's Informatics Division. In addition to data generation, MBD members develop and implement methodologies to streamline cloning, clone maintenance, DNA preparation, sequencing reactions, gel electrophoresis and gap-filling procedures.

Methods developed and refined by the MBD

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