Fungal Mitochondrial Genome Project (FMGP)


FMGP is a project of B. Franz Lang 's research group . It is supported by Joyce Longcore, M. Mollicone and Donald Barr, who who have been very helpful in defining representatives of the most important fungal lineages, and have supplied many strains used in this study. J. Longcore has further contributed organismal and ultrastructural information for these webpages.
The goals of FMGP are to (i) sequence complete mitochondrial genomes from all major fungal lineages, (ii) infer a robust fungal phylogeny, (iii) define the origin of the fungi, their protistan ancestors, and their specific phylogenetic link to the animals, (iv) investigate mitochondrial gene expression, introns, RNAse P RNA structures, mobile elements ...
This project has been supported by the Medical Research Council of Canada (MRC) 

Foto: Boletus edulis (king bolete). Courtesy of Gertraud Burger .

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