Handbook of
               Botany               Zoology             Protoctista
Kingdom:       Plantae              Animalia            Protoctista
Division/      Chlorophyta 
  Phylum:                           Sarcomastigophora   Chlorophyta
Class:         Chlorophyceae        Phytomastigophorea  Prasinophyceae
Order:         Volvocales           Prasinomonadida     Chlorodendrales
Family:        Chlamydomonadaceae   (not given)         Chlorodendraceae
Access the NCBI Taxonomy classification of Prasinophyceae.

In the NCBI classification, organisms considered to belong to the one genus Tetraselmis are listed separately under the genus names Tetraselmis, Platymonas and Prasinocladus. The ordinal name Chlorodendrales and the family name Chlorodendraceae are derived from yet another name for this genus, Chlorodendron (a discarded synonym of Prasinocladus).

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