Long striated spine scales cover the Reclinomonas lorica.

Reclinomonas cells have a single mitochondrion, located in the anterior end of the cell next to the nucleus. The mitochondrial cristae are tubular. A single Golgi body/dictyosome lies next to the mitochondrion.

The cytoskeleton is an asymmetrical system of two flagellar bases, three ventral microtubular roots, and a dorsal microtubular fan. Other jakobids, especially Histiona and Jakoba but also Malawimonas, have very similar cytoskeletal architectures in their trophic cells.

The posterior flagellum in trophic cells, but not in zoospores, possesses a conspicuous and characteristic flagellar vane. The vane arises from the dorsal side of the flagellum, as in Histiona and Jakoba; the vane arises from the ventral side of the flagellum in Malawimonas, and from both sides in retortamonads.

The left ventral microtubular root bears a complex proteinaceous multilayered structure (MLS).

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