Ultrastructure of trophozoites, zoospores and cysts of Reclinomonas americana Flavin & Nerad, 1993 (Protista incertae sedis: Histionidae)

Charles J. O'Kelly

Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, West Boothbay Harbor, Maine, USA

European Journal of Protistology 33: 337-348 (1997)

Several previously-unreported features of Reclinomonas americana are described from light and electron microscopical observations. Golgi apparatuses were found in trophozoites and zoospores, as were ejectosomes and inclusion bodies. Scale-bearing vesicles were present in zoospores but not trophozoites, and zoospores lacked epipodia. No vane was present on the posterior flagellum of zoospores. Cysts were formed only in mineral media with added bacteria; they did not appear in infusion media. Kinetids in trophozoites and zoospores, reconstructed from serial sections, consisted of two basal bodies, a dorsal fan of secondary cytoskeletal microtubules, and three ventral microtubular roots, the leftmost of which had a multilayered structure at its proximal end. Ultrastructural features suggest that the genera Reclinomonas and Jakoba are sister taxa, and that the nearest relations to these two genera are the retortamonads, an amitochondriate archezoan group.

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