Handbook of
               Botany                Zoology                  Protoctista         Cavalier-Smith
Kingdom:       Plantae               Animalia                 Protoctista         Chromista
Division/      Chromophyta
  Phylum:                            Sarcomastigophora        Zoomastigina        Heterokonta
Class:         Chrysophyceae         Mastigophorea            Bicoecids           Chrysophycea
Order:         Ochromonadales        Chrysomonadida           Ochromonadales      (not given)
Family:        Ochromonadaceae       (not given)              Ochromonadaceae     (not given)
Access the NCBI Taxonomy classification of "stramenopiles".

Some botanists replace the division name "Chromophyta" with "Chrysophyta". Some botanists replace "Ochromonadales" and "Ochromonadaceae" with "Chromulinales" and "Chromulinaceae". For many years, all uniflagellate chrysophytes (Chromulinales) were separated from all biflagellate chrysophytes (Ochromonadales) solely on the basis of flagellar number. Modern research indicates that this criterion does not reliably separate taxa, and there is no other basis to separate Ochromonadales from Chromulinales. Chromulinales (and Chromulinaceae) are the older names and are therefore for choice.

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