Handbook of
             Botany              Protoctista         Cavalier-Smith
Kingdom:     Plantae             Protoctista         Plantae
Division/    Chlorophyta
  Phylum                         Chlorophyta         Charophyta
Class:       Charophyceae        Charophyceae        (not given)
Order:       Coleochaetales      Coleochaetales      (not given)
Family:      Coleochaetaceae     (not given)         (not given)
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Botany texts published prior to 1975 place Coleochaete in Division Chlorophyta, Class Chlorophyceae, Order Chaetophorales. In these systems, practically all green algae with branched filaments made up of uninucleate cells were considered closely related and consequently were placed in the same order. This system may still be found in some modern texts on algal structure and reproduction, despite evidence accumulated over thirty years that "Order Chaetophorales" defined this way is polyphyletic several times over and at the Division level.

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