Similar genera

Pseudobodo (bicosoecid; protruding lip in cytostomal area); Bicosoeca (bicosoecid; lorica); Caecitellus (bicosoecid; creeps on posterior flagellum rather than being perched on its tip); Spumella (colorless chrysophyte; different pattern of terminal fibrils on flagellar hairs, cytostome along axis defined by posterior flagellum, does not sit on tip of posterior flagellum, microtubular roots arising from posterior flagellar base form a loop; leucoplast present); Paraphysomonas (colorless chrysophyte; as for Spumella but also has a coating of submicroscopic silica scales; cells if sessile on a stipe or scale ends, not on posterior flagellum); Adriamonas (pseudodendromonad; prominent cytostome, permanent cytopharynx, no flagellar hairs, from terrestrial soils).

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