Handbook of
               Botany                Zoology                  Protoctista         Cavalier-Smith
Kingdom:      Plantae                Animalia                 Protoctista         Chromista
Division/     Chromophyta
  Phylum:                            Sarcomastigophora        Zoomastigina        Heterokonta
Class:        Bicosoecophyceae       Mastigophorea            Bicoecids           Bicoecea
               (or Chrysophyceae)
Order:        Bicosoecales           Bicosoecida              (not given)         (not given)
Family:       Bicosoecaceae          Bicosoecidae             (not given)         (not given)
Access the NCBI Taxonomy classification of "stramenopiles".

"Bicosoecids" vs. "bicoecids": The genus that lends its name to this protist group was described in the last quarter of the 19th century. The name was spelled, in different places and by different authors, Bicosoeca, Bicoeca or Bikoeca. Botanically-trained systematists generally have used Bicosoeca (and "bicosoecids", Bicosoecaceae, etc.), while zoologically-trained systematists generally have used Bicoeca (and its derivatives). However, the eldest (first published) name is Bicosoeca, and therefore, according to the rules of nomenclature ("principle of priority"), it is the correct name for both botanists and zoologists.

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