The PEP database (TBestDB)--Defunct as of 2017-04

TBestDB (formally known as PEPdb) is a taxonomically broad eukaryotic database that organizes and integrates protist cDNA sequences generated by the pan-Canadian Protist EST program (PEP). The database also includes sequence data from relevant other organisms and related information such as taxonomy and the gene ontology framework developed by the GO consortium.

Newly generated data are stored in the database for curation and annotation by the PEP team (PEPsters), and subsequently made accessible to the wider research community. More details about the functionality of PEPdb are available.

To carry out analyses with the cDNA data in an efficient way, we are also implementing a workbench, dubbed AnaBench, which integrates heterogenous bioinformatics software tools.

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Contact address: Gertraud Burger. Last Update: 12 Nov 2002