The PEP consortium
Lead Investigator: Michael W. Gray, Dalhousie University
Associated Investigator: Gertraud Burger, Université de Montréal
Associated Investigator: Dion Durnford, University of New Brunswick
Associated Investigator: Brian Golding, McMaster University
Associated Investigator: Patrick Keeling, University of British Columbia
Associated Investigator: B. Franz Lang, Université de Montréal
Associated Investigator: Robert Lee, Dalhousie University
Associated Investigator: Ron Pearlman, York University
Associated Investigator: Andrew Roger, Dalhousie University
The aim of PEP

PEP is a large-scale interdisciplinary, and collaborative research project, involving six Canadian universities in five provinces. It is financed by Genome-Canada and managed by Genome-Atlantic and Génome Québec. PEP aims at the exploration of the diversity of eukaryotic genomes in a systematic, comprehensive and integrated way. The focus is on unicellular microbial eukaryotes, known as protists. Protistan eukaryotes comprise more than a dozen major lineages that, together, encompass more evolutionary, ecological and probably biochemical diversity than the multicellular kingdoms of animals, plants and fungi combined. PEP is a unique endeavor in that it is the first phylogenetically-broad genomic investigation of protists.

More details about the objectives of PEP, the complete listing of taxa studied, the PEP database, the analysis workbench AnaBench, and PEP bioinformatics tools are available.

Financial support for PEP is provided by Genome Canada, Genome Atlantic and Genome Quebec.
Contact address: Gertraud Burger. Last update: 15 Feb 2005