Thraustochytrium aureum

Organismal description

Taxonomy :

Thraustochytriales (Thraustochytrium aureum) and Labyrinthulales (Labyrinthula sp.) belong to the phylum of Labyrinthulomycetes, a subgroup of the Stramenopiles. Although unrelated to the lower fungi (Chytridiomycota and Zygomycota), members of the stramenopile protists were traditionally refered to as 'zoosporic fungi' or 'slime molds'.
For more information on the Stramenopiles see the corresponding Tree of Life page by Mitch Sogin and David Patterson

Phenotype :

Round cells of various sizes, with a cell wall.

Ecology :

Abundant in marine environments.

Ultrastructure :

Mitochondria are of the tubular cristae type.

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