Ochromonas danica

Materials and methods

Strain description

Axenic culture (UTEX #1298, ATCC #30004)

Culture and media

Cultured by Annette Coleman in a medium containing glucose, yeast extract tryptone and soil water (A. Coleman et al (1991), J. Protozool.38,129-135)

Purification of mtDNA

Isolation of total cellular DNA and subsequent separation of the A+T rich fraction through CsCl/bisbenzimide centrifugation.
Performed by: A. Coleman.


Random fragments, generated by nebulization, and size-fractionated (0.5-1.0 kbp; 1.0-3.0 kbp) cloned in Bluescript KS+.
Performed by: I. Plante (Unit)


Manual Sanger sequencing of single-stranded DNA, using S[35] label. 1 custom primer has been used for primer walking. 5% of readings were obtained with the LiCor automatic sequencer. The assembly was done by Staden's bap.
Performed by: Y. Zhu (Unit).

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