Acanthamoeba castellanii

Phylogenetic information

Nuclear Phylogeny:

Inconsistent results.
A. castellanii branches either as a sister group to animals and fungi [Wainright et al. (1993) Science 260:340-342, Abstract] or outside of the multicellular lineages altogether (D.F. Spencer in MWG's lab, unpublished results).

Mitochondrial Phylogeny:

A. castellanii appears to be a deeply diverging eukaryote, basally associated with the stramenopiles and the bicosoecids (BFL, unpublished results). Sequences from species such as Thraustochytrium, Chlorarachnion, and/or Dictyostelium will be needed to confirm/reject this postulated relationship, and to increase the currently inadequate bootstrap support for a consistent phylogenetic position for A. castellanii within the mitochondrial lineage.

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