Detailed annotation info for yhr065c; RRP3 - required for maturation of the 35S primary transcript
Annotation NameATP-dependent rRNA helicase RRP3 related cluster
% Sequence Identity91% (459/501)
EC Number
COG Function
KEGG Pathway
SourceAccessionDescriptionScoreE-value% Sequence IdentityLocusEC NumberInformative HitFunction/PathwayGeneOntology
uniref90UniRef90_P38712ATP-dependent rRNA helicase RRP3 related cluster22780.091% (459/501)1GO:0003676|nucleic acid binding|IEA; GO:0003723|RNA binding|IEA; GO:0004004|ATP-dependent RNA helicase activity|TAS; GO:0004386|helicase activity|IEA; GO:0005524|ATP binding|IEA; GO:0005634|nucleus|IEA; GO:0005730|nucleolus|TAS; GO:0006364|rRNA processing|IEA; GO:0006365|35S primary transcript processing|TAS; GO:0008026|ATP-dependent helicase activity|IEA
nrNP_011932Required for maturation of the 35S primary transcript of pre-rRNA and is required for cleavages leading to mature 18S RNA; RRP3 is a DEAD box gene homologous to eIF-4a which encodes an RNA-dependent ATPase possessing helicase activity which is not specific for RNA [Saccharomyces cerevisiae]22780.091% (459/501)0
cogYHR065c[LKJ] COG0513 Superfamily II DNA and RNA helicases22780.091% (459/501)1
keggago:AAL041CAAL041Cp; ATP-dependent rRNA helicase RRP319300.077% (387/501)AAL041Cp2
smart00487smart00487, DEXDc, DEAD-like helicases superfamily;3992e-4038% (74/193)DEXDc1
smart200490smart00490, HELICc, helicase superfamily c-terminal domain;2532e-2348% (40/82)HELICc2
pfamPF00270pfam00270, DEAD, DEAD/DEAH box helicase5456e-5646% (91/197)DEAD1
pfam2PF00271pfam00271, Helicase_C, Helicase conserved C-terminal domain2518e-2248% (37/77)Helicase_C2