Detailed annotation info for yhl015w; RPS20 - ribosomal protein
Annotation Name40S ribosomal protein S20 related cluster
% Sequence Identity85% (103/121)
EC Number
COG Function Translation, ribosomal structure and biogenesis
KEGG Pathway Ribosome
SourceAccessionDescriptionScoreE-value% Sequence IdentityLocusEC NumberInformative HitFunction/PathwayGeneOntology
uniref90UniRef90_P3870140S ribosomal protein S20 related cluster4998e-5085% (103/121)1GO:0003735|structural constituent of ribosome|IEA; GO:0003735|structural constituent of ribosome|TAS; GO:0005622|intracellular|IEA; GO:0005840|ribosome|IEA; GO:0005843|cytosolic small ribosomal subunit (sensu Eukaryota)|TAS; GO:0006412|protein biosynthesis|IEA; GO:0006412|protein biosynthesis|TAS; GO:0015935|small ribosomal subunit|IEA
nr1S1HChain J, Structure Of The Ribosomal 80s-Eef2-Sordarin Complex From Yeast Obtained By Docking Atomic Models For Rna And Protein Components Into A 11.7 A Cryo-Em Map. This File, 1s1h, Contains 40s Subunit. The 60s Ribosomal Subunit Is In File 1s1i.4802e-4796% (95/98)2
cogYHL015w[J] COG0051 Ribosomal protein S104999e-5185% (103/121)1 Translation, ribosomal structure and biogenesis
keggcal:orf19.6375RPS20; ribosomal protein S20 [KO:K02969]4233e-4181% (80/98)RPS202 Ribosome
smartNo hits found0
pfamPF00338pfam00338, Ribosomal_S10, Ribosomal protein S10p/S20e3254e-3143% (42/97)Ribosomal_S101