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Coevol 1.5 implements a (preliminary) version of the tip-dating coevol framework, implementing the mixed relaxed clock model introduced in Lartillot, Phillips and Ronquist (2016).

History :

-  May 07, 2014 , version 1.4b:  added the ancov program, implementing the phylogenetic Kalman filter introduced in Lartillot, 2014, Bioinformatics, 30:488; birth-death prior on divergence times now works even in the absence of calibrations; small fixes here and there.

-  May 11, 2013 , version 1.3c:  options added in coevol for amino-acid data (i.e. for correlating the rate of amino-acid replacement and the ratio of radical over conservative substitution rates with quantitative traits). small fixes in coevol and tracecomp.

-  March 28, 2013 , version 1.3b:  tracecomp program added to the package. GNU licence added.

-  January 16, 2013 , version 1.3:  code optimization: codon models are now nearly as fast as nucleotide models; minor changes in calibration method (allowing for interval calibration on root node).

-  November 12, 2012 , version 1.2b:  code optimization, leading to a signifcant overall speed-up of the program; extensive rewriting of the manual, with examples illustrating how to determine MCMC convergence and do correlation analyses

-  July 2011 , version 1.1f:  minor changes

-  September 2010 , version 1.1c:  first version