6 small artichokes (poivrade), peel the stems
     6 garlics
     6 twigs of menthe douce                  
     1 red peppers             in strips
     3 tomatoes                in quarters
     1/2 small aubergine       (corresponding to 1 tomato in size)
     (a little bit of fennel)
     (1 leaf laurier)
Salt very well the inner part of the artichokes. Stick slices of garlic and leaves of menthe between the artichoke leaves. Pack artichokes, tomatoes and peppers very tightly into a(n ovenproof) pot. Pour olive oil over veggies (originally, the pot had to be filled with oil). Bake in oven or let simmer on stove for 1 hr.

Test if done : artichoke leaves are easily pulled out.

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