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RNA Feature ID 5021

Sequence ID:62898
Gene Class:rrn5
Product Class: 5S rRNA
Species Name: Triticum aestivum
Taxon Division:Plants
Partial RNA:no
Plasmid encoded:no
Comment:5S ribosomal RNA
NCBI Entrez GI: 176309
Secondary Structure: rrn5
Extracted Sequence: [View online] [Download to File]

Gene Information
Published sequence information

NCBI Taxon Classification

Eukaryota Viridiplantae Streptophyta Streptophytina Embryophyta
Tracheophyta Euphyllophyta Spermatophyta Magnoliophyta Liliopsida
commelinids Poales Poaceae BEP clade Pooideae
Triticeae Triticum Triticum aestivum    

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