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Sequence ID     176309

Species Name: Pomatoschistus minutus
Molecular Type:dna
Genbank Definition:Pomatoschistus minutus 12S ribosomal RNA gene, mitochondrial gene for mitochondrial RNA, partial sequence.
Complete Genome:no
Sequence Length:347
Topology:not set
Submission Date:1998-12-09 00:00:00
Update Date:n/a
NCBI gi:3982663
Genbank Accession:AF067263
Author(s):Penzo,E., Bargelloni,L. and Patarnello,T.
Literature Reference
TitleMessinian salinity crisis and the origin of freshwater lifestyle in western Mediterranean gobies
AuthorsPenzo,E., Gandolfi,G., Bargelloni,L., Colombo,L. and Patarnello,T.
JournalMol. Biol. Evol. 15 (11), 1472-1480 (1998)

Complete Published Sequence

Annotated Genes

rns rns rns rns rns

NCBI Taxon Classification

Eukaryota Fungi/Metazoa group Metazoa Eumetazoa Bilateria
Coelomata Deuterostomia Chordata Craniata Vertebrata
Gnathostomata Teleostomi Euteleostomi Actinopterygii Actinopteri
Neopterygii Teleostei Elopocephala Clupeocephala Euteleostei
Neognathi Neoteleostei Eurypterygii Ctenosquamata Acanthomorpha
Euacanthomorpha Holacanthopterygii Acanthopterygii Euacanthopterygii Percomorpha
Perciformes Gobioidei Gobiidae Gobiinae Pomatoschistus
Pomatoschistus minutus        

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