Handbook of
               Zoology                  Protoctista         Cavalier-Smith
Kingdom:       Animalia                 Protoctista         Protozoa
Phylum:        Sarcomastigophora        Zoomastigina        Choanozoa
Class:         Zoomastigophorea         Choanomastigotes    Choanomonadea
Order:         Choanoflagellida         Choanomastigotes    Choanoflagellida
Family:        Codosigidae              Codosigidae         Codosigidae
Older botany texts may discuss and describe choanoflagellates under the names "craspedophytes" or "craspedomonads" (class Craspedophyceae). At one time, the choanoflagellates were considered sister taxa to golden algae. This view is now known to be incorrect, and as a consequence botanists no longer "claim" choanoflagellates in any way.

Some authorities use the family name "Monosigidae" instead of "Codosigidae"; the NCBI taxonomic scheme does this.

See also the Taxonomy and nomenclature page.

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