Diagnosis of the genus Caecitellus.

Caecitellus D. J. Patterson et al. [D. J. Patterson, K. Nygaard, G. Steinberg & C. M. Turley], J. Mar. Biol. Assn. U.K. 73: 78, 1993

Small gliding tubulocristate protist with two flagella, one projecting from the anterior of the cell and beating stiffly from side to side, the other trailing under the body while the cell moves by gliding. One nucleus. Flagella give rise to curved array of microtubules forming the ingestion structure which is used to consume attached bacteria. One species, C. parvulus (Griessmann 1913). Of uncertain affinities.

Type species: C. parvulus (Griessmann, 1913) Patterson et al., 1993. Basionym: Bodo parvulus K. Griessmann, Archiv für Protistenkunde 32: 1-78, 1913 (1914).

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