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New ISEP Newsletter Editor

Much to my surprise (Mark Farmer, you -still- owe me that beer!), ISEP members at the Business Meeting in Halifax last August asked me to take on the Editorship of the ISEP Newsletter. I will do the best job I possibly can. My address:

	Dr. Charles J. O'Kelly
	Department of Biochemistry
	University of Montreal
	C.P. 6128, Succursale Centre-Ville
	Montreal, Quebec  H3C 3J7
	phone:  (513) 343 6111 x 5149
	fax:    (513) 343 2210
	email:  okellyc@bch.umontreal.ca

Newsletter Distribution Proposal

ISEP is an increasingly computer literate society, with a majority of its members able to access the Internet for electronic mail, bulletin boards and the like. It seems to me that using this technology, to compose, distribute and archive the Newsletter, will improve the quality and speed of communication among ISEP members while saving the Editor some work and the Society some money.

To help me with all this, I've enlisted computer guru and fellow ISEP member Tim Littlejohn. "We", therefore, means "me and Tim" in the stuff that follows. Tim's address, phone and fax numbers are the same as mine. His email is tim@bch.umontreal.ca. Together, we've developed a strategy for electronic distribution and archiving of the Newsletter.

At the end of this message is a "clip and save" section; please answer the questions and give us any other comments you may have. This will help us find out whether this message has found you, and also help us decide how best to proceed with these ideas.

1. Email distribution.

Newsletter articles will be emailed to paid-up members of ISEP who choose to accept this method of distribution. Currently, we plan monthly mailings, although this will depend on the availability of material.

2. Archive.

Newsletter articles distributed by email will be placed in an archive here in Montreal. This archive would then be accessible through ftp, gopher, wais and the World Wide Web.

We need membership input to decide whether this archive should be for members only, in which case we would need to supply everyone with a password, or one that is open to all. The "open to all" option is highly recommended!

3. Print.

For members who cannot yet access the "information highway", we will produce print copies of the Newsletter on a semiannual basis. The first print issue presently is scheduled for 15 January 1995. This "fancy copy", we anticipate, will also be available online to users who can handle graphics files obtained through the World Wide Web.

Call For Content

Every newsletter editor has the same problem. Copy! We need yours! How else is the ISEP community going to find out about all the great and wonderful stuff you're doing, what?

Facts, opinions, stories (funny, strange or otherwise), grant or job opportunities (with email distribution, short deadlines are much less of a problem), politics ... all the ISEP news that's fit to print.

With the Protist Revolution going into an even higher gear (the US National Science Foundation has even initiated a program specifically to fund research in protist taxonomy; will wonders never cease?), the more we discuss what we do, the better we'll feel, and the better we'll look to The Golden Rulemakers. (You know The Golden Rule: Who has the gold makes the rules.)

End of campaign speech. Send us your copy.

Paddy Patterson

As many of you now know, Paddy and his family were involved in a serious automobile accident on or about 18 September, somewhere between Darwin and Brisbane, Australia. Paddy and daughter Mia survived the wreck. Sadly, Paddy's wife, Naja Voers, did not.

As this is written (27 September), Paddy is in hospital, in traction to help mend fractured vertebrae. His email has been forwarded to the hospital. The denizens of protsville (Paddy's graduate students) have passed on his request for funny stories. Anybody got some good ones?

	Professor David J. Patterson
	School of Biological Sciences (A08)
	University of Sydney
	Sydney, NSW  2006

	fax:    (61) 2 692 4119
	email:  paddy@extro.ucc.su.oz.au


Reply Form

1.  How do you prefer to receive your newsletter?

	email only

	print only

	email plus print

2.  Should the Newsletter computer archives be open:

	only to members (requires password distribution ... not easy
		for Tim or me)

	to all Internet users (allows members and others to use anonymous
		retrieval protocols ... our preference)


Best wishes, Charley O'Kelly