Detailed annotation info for ACL00008920;
Annotation NameWD-repeat protein 2 related cluster
% Sequence Identity44% (62/139)
EC Number
COG Function General function prediction only
KEGG Pathway
SourceAccessionDescriptionScoreE-value% Sequence IdentityLocusEC NumberInformative HitFunction/PathwayGeneOntology
SSUNo hits found0
LSUNo hits found0
uniref90UniRef90_P54686WD-repeat protein 2 related cluster3257e-3044% (62/139)1
nrP54686WD-repeat protein 2 gb|AAB05588.1| WD40 repeat protein 23252e-2944% (62/139)1
cogall2124_3[R] COG2319 FOG: WD40 repeat1692e-1235% (39/110)1 General function prediction only
keggddi:ng2038WD40 repeat protein 23257e-3044% (62/139)1
smart00320smart00320, WD40, WD40 repeats; Note that these repeats are permuted with respect to the structural repeats (blades) of the beta propeller domain1031e-0634% (12/35)WD401
pfamPF00400pfam00400, WD40, WD domain, G-beta repeat1123e-0650% (17/34)WD401