Detailed annotation info for ACL00003780;
Annotation NamePutative GTP-binding protein related cluster
% Sequence Identity82% (37/45)
EC Number
COG Function General function prediction only
KEGG Pathway
SourceAccessionDescriptionScoreE-value% Sequence IdentityLocusEC NumberInformative HitFunction/PathwayGeneOntology
SSUNo hits found0
LSUNo hits found0
uniref90UniRef90_Q8RZ83Putative GTP-binding protein related cluster1867e-1482% (37/45)1GO:0000160|two-component signal transduction system (phosphorelay)|IEA; GO:0003677|DNA binding|IEA; GO:0005525|GTP binding|IEA; GO:0006355|regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent|IEA; GO:0007264|small GTPase mediated signal transduction|IEA; GO:0015031|protein transport|IEA
nrNP_916817putative GTP-binding protein [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)] dbj|BAB90506.1| putative GTP-binding protein [Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)]1862e-1382% (37/45)1
cogYER031c[R] COG1100 GTPase SAR1 and related small G proteins1791e-1373% (33/45)1 General function prediction only
keggdme:CG5771-PACG5771; Rab-protein 111803e-1377% (35/45)CG57712
smart00175smart00175, RAB, Rab subfamily of small GTPases; Rab GTPases are implicated in vesicle trafficking1983e-1866% (30/45)RAB1
smart200174smart00174, RHO, Rho (Ras homology) subfamily of Ras-like small GTPases; Members of this subfamily of Ras-like small GTPases include Cdc42 and Rac, as well as Rho isoforms891e-0539% (17/43)RHO2
smart300173smart00173, RAS, Ras subfamily of RAS small GTPases; Similar in fold and function to the bacterial EF-Tu GTPase872e-0533% (15/45)RAS3
pfamPF00071pfam00071, Ras, Ras family1743e-1459% (26/44)Ras1
est_othersBM443537EBro02_SQ005_J08_R root, 3 week, hydroponic grown, low nitrogen, cv Optic, EBro02 Hordeum vulgare subsp. vulgare cDNA clone EBro02_SQ005_J08 5'.1532e-1179% (35/44)1