Detailed annotation info for ACL00003521;
Annotation Name30S ribosomal protein S17 related cluster
% Sequence Identity37% (28/74)
EC Number
COG Function Translation, ribosomal structure and biogenesis
KEGG Pathway Ribosome
SourceAccessionDescriptionScoreE-value% Sequence IdentityLocusEC NumberInformative HitFunction/PathwayGeneOntology
SSUNo hits found0
LSUNo hits found0
uniref90UniRef90_P5758230S ribosomal protein S17 related cluster1439e-0937% (28/74)2GO:0003735|structural constituent of ribosome|IEA; GO:0005622|intracellular|IEA; GO:0005840|ribosome|IEA; GO:0006412|protein biosynthesis|IEA; GO:0019843|rRNA binding|IEA
nrNP_24032230S ribosomal protein S17 [Buchnera aphidicola str. APS (Acyrthosiphon pisum)] sp|P57582|RS17_BUCAI 30S ribosomal protein S17 pir||H84989 30S ribosomal protein S17 [imported] - Buchnera sp. (strain APS) dbj|BAB13208.1| 30S ribosomal protein S17 [Buchnera aphidicola str. APS (Acyrthosiphon pisum)]1432e-0837% (28/74)2
cogBU515[J] COG0186 Ribosomal protein S171433e-0937% (28/74)1 Translation, ribosomal structure and biogenesis
keggbuc:BU515rpsQ; 30S ribosomal protein S17 [KO:K02961]1438e-0937% (28/74)rpsQ1 Ribosome
smartNo hits found0
pfamPF00366pfam00366, Ribosomal_S17, Ribosomal protein S171544e-1136% (26/71)Ribosomal_S171
est_othersCA927596MTU6TR.P10.G12 Aspen root cDNA Library Populus tremuloides cDNA.1261e-0756% (25/44)1