Detailed annotation info for ACL00003344;
Annotation NameUbiquitin activating enzyme related cluster
% Sequence Identity41% (48/116)
EC Number
COG Function Coenzyme transport and metabolism
KEGG Pathway Parkinson's disease
SourceAccessionDescriptionScoreE-value% Sequence IdentityLocusEC NumberInformative HitFunction/PathwayGeneOntology
SSUNo hits found0
LSUNo hits found0
uniref90UniRef90_Q9DEE8Ubiquitin activating enzyme related cluster1832e-1341% (48/116)3GO:0003824|catalytic activity|IEA; GO:0004839|ubiquitin activating enzyme activity|IEA; GO:0006464|protein modification|IEA; GO:0006512|ubiquitin cycle|IEA
nrNP_033483ubiquitin-activating enzyme E1, Chr X [Mus musculus] sp|Q02053|UBA1_MOUSE Ubiquitin-activating enzyme E1 1 pir||JC1254 ubiquitin-protein ligase (EC E1 - mouse dbj|BAA01433.1| ubiquitin activating enzyme E1 [Mus musculus] dbj|BAC40121.1| unnamed protein product [Mus musculus] dbj|BAC40405.1| unnamed protein product [Mus musculus] gb|AAH58630.1| Ube1x protein [Mus musculus]1952e-1441% (46/110)2
cogYKL210w[H] COG0476 Dinucleotide-utilizing enzymes involved in molybdopterin and thiamine biosynthesis family 21531e-1034% (37/107)1 Coenzyme transport and metabolism
keggmmu:22201Ube1x; ubiquitin-activating enzyme E1, Chr X [KO:K03178]1954e-1541% (46/110)Ube1x1 Parkinson's disease
smartNo hits found0
pfamPF02134pfam02134, UBACT, Repeat in ubiquitin-activating (UBA) protein2072e-1757% (32/56)UBACT1
est_othersCK534510rswgb0_002674.y1 swg Bombyx mori cDNA.853e-1730% (17/55)1