Detailed annotation info for ACL00000957;
Annotation NameSTART domain containing protein
% Sequence Identity20% (41/199)
EC Number
COG Function
KEGG Pathway
SourceAccessionDescriptionScoreE-value% Sequence IdentityLocusEC NumberInformative HitFunction/PathwayGeneOntology
SSUNo hits found0
LSUNo hits found0
uniref90No hits found0
nrNo hits found0
cogNo hits found0
keggNo hits found0
smart00234smart00234, START, in StAR and phosphatidylcholine transfer protein; putative lipid-binding domain in StAR and phosphatidylcholine transfer protein1282e-0923% (39/169)START1
pfamPF01852pfam01852, START, START domain1331e-0820% (41/199)START1
est_othersNo hits found0