Monoblepharella sp. mtDNA

We have partially (about 50%) sequenced the 40-50 kbp long mitochondrial DNA of the Chytridiomycete Monoblepharella sp.. Its mtDNA is unusually G+C-rich for fungal mtDNAs, and ressembles in this aspect other Chytridomycetes like Harpochytrium, Spizellomyces, Rhizophydium andAllomyces. It contains the usual set of genes characteristic of fungal mtDNAs including the two ribosomal RNA subunits, cytochrome oxidase subunits 1, 2 and 3 (cox1,2 and 3), cytochrome b (cob), ATPase subunits 6, and 9, seven subunits of the NADH dehyrogenase complex (nad1, 2, 3, 4, 4L, 5, and 6) and several long unassigned open reading frame, but only very few tRNA genes (as in Harpochytrium, Spizellomyces, and Rhizophydium). Some of the genes (e.g. cox1 and cob) contain group I introns. A more detailed analysis will be performed after more of the sequence of its mtDNA is known.

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