Aspergillus nidulans mtDNA

The circular mtDNA of Aspergillus nidulans (or Emericella nidulans) has a size of about 33 kbp. The available six segments of the sequence were determined by an english group at UMIST, Manchester (for review see reference 1), and by a german group (2-4), covering 28,5 kbp or about 86% of the complete sequence.

Further unpublished sequence has been kindly made available to us by Dr. T.A. Brown (UMIST), which leaves us with only two remaining sequencing gaps of about 400 bp and 1000 bp, and some uncertain nucleotide positions. The missing sequence will be determined by FMGP and made available as soon as the data are available. The current status of sequence already includes the unpublished data from Dr. T.A. Brown.


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