Links related to RNase P:

         The RNase P database:The RNase P Database is a compilation of RNase P sequences, sequence alignments,
                                                secondary structures, three-dimensional models, and accessory information.
                                                Copyright © 2000 by James W. Brown.

Links related to mitochondrial genomics:

         FMGP: The goals of FMGP are to (i) sequence complete mitochondrial genomes from all major fungal lineages,
                      (ii) infer a robust fungal phylogeny, (iii) define the origin of the fungi, their protistan ancestors, and their
                       specific phylogenetic link to the animals, (iv) investigate mitochondrial gene expression, introns, RNAse P
                       RNA structures, mobile elements ...

         OGMP: The Organelle Genome Megasequencing Program (OGMP) is an interdisciplinary collaboration involving ten
                       research groups each of which is interested in molecular evolution of mitochondria, plastids and bacteria.
                      The focus of this collaborative effort is on organelle phylogeny.

Links related to RNA structural study:

        The RNA world website: The RNA World Website at IMB Jena. This web resource lists Internet links on RNA
                                                    related topics.

           Michael Zuker's home page: Professor Zuker is interested in Bioinformatics, specifically in algorithms for nucleic
                                                        acid and protein sequence analysis. He is best known for his work on algorithms for
                                                        predicting RNA and DNA secondary structure. His website has links to several
                                                        softwares and webservers (mFold server, The efn server ...)