Structure des cours BIN6004 et BIN7004


    Students enrolled in BIN6004 and BIN7004 should:

  1. sign an attendance form for each conference that the attend. This form will be handed out by a professor or a designated representative.
  2. for conferences held outside of the biochemistry and computer science departments of the UdeM, students will write an abstract (describing the general questions addressed in the corresponding talk; ~ 250 words), add the official abstract that the speaker has provided (if applicable), specify the name of the speaker, the title, date and place of the conference, and send all of this by e-mail to the professor in charge of the course, indicating in the subject field the course identifier and the trimester("bin6004-H2004 abstract")
  3. au cas d'une participation au un congrès national ou international, l'étudiant choisira UNE conférence pour en faire un résumé comme détaillé avant.
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